Fig. 16. Eutima. 1888.


<3 Really enjoying the work of Sarah Elise Abramson.

(Source: sarahelisephotography)


Ancient Nagum Boiken Mask. New Guinea



Another unique find

A particular form of death is personalized by Ankou. In Brittany, Ankou is Death, whokills one who sees or hears. He is depicted with a scythe or a dart. His scythe is conventionally mounted backwards, cutting outward. There are a multitude of very old Breton legends, told by Anatole Le Braz in particular. One of it states how Ankou rides a cart pulled by a skinny nag, (small riding horse) while making a terrible noise as it scraps along. The one who sees or hears Ankoo dies within a few hours.   


The Manchester Museum's shop has this cool book of artwork by Ernst Haeckel.



The Gibson family has taken thousands of striking shipwreck photos, from the late 1870’s through the 1970s. See more of these amazing photos here.


2006_0610_110515AA (by Hans Ollermann)

A bowl at the British Museum showing the goddess Hathor in cow form, amongst the papyrus.